Other Mammals

Motchimaruzu Hamster and Bunny


An incredibly cute pet by Sega. The cheeks are your left/right buttons and the nose is the "enter" button.

There seems to be multiple outcomes for your pet in the final adult stage.

The animations are cute and the sounds are more than just beeps.

The big downside to the hamster is that the foam that they're made of can wear down and easily be damaged, but this is lessened by getting a case or simply sliding the foam cover off.

The bunny is made a bit differently, and I'm not sure if it suffers from the same issue or if you can remove the outer cover or not.

Digi-Beanies Bunny

Both pets come with a small plush toy and a name tag to name your pet.

Digi-Beanies Bear

Pocket Breeder

Raise a horse? Not much info. Has really weird sprites.

Derby Ball

An eyeball, but a horse pet! Appears to be able to connect to others.

Pocket Horse

Both a pet horse, and you can physically race them.

Little to no information pets

The pets below don't have a lot of information on them, and are listed for completion's sake.

Lovely Bear

Bo Bear

Teddy Bear

My Baby Bat

Bobo Panda Byte

Kuma Taro

Cyber Pet 38 Brick Game

Talkin Gotchi Monkey