Hall of Shame

The Wish.com Tamagotchi A.K.A the Bunny ROM A.K.A 168-in-1

This pet is... bad. Very bad. There's barely any gameplay, and no incentive to take care of the pet - it can't die! These always have 168 pets... which is a stretch, considering how you can take care of everything from a dog, to a cat, to a pirate ship, to Naruto... it's pretty bizarre. Below are two videos I took of this thing, the first being the "gameplay" and the second being a runthrough of all your options.

In short - avoid! This pet can be identified by the 4 buttons (with one being reset) and usually has that bunny on it (hence the name "bunny ROM".

It does have some humor in just the sheer number of shells and types of pets you can have on it, and could make a cute display piece, perhaps.

I would not pay more than $5 including shipping for one of these, they're just not worth the money, especially when you consider these are marketed to trick people into thinking they're getting an actual Tamagotchi.

The next pet, however, is much worse.....


I'm gonna level with you - this isn't even worth the plastic it's cased in. You don't buy this pet for any other reason than completionism. "If 2020 were a vpet"-type energy here.

The Nekotcha, despite sounding and looking like it would be a cat pet, is just a face. You can feed, "play" with, medicate, etc this face. If you chose correctly, you see a smiling face. If you chose wrong, you see a frown. If you choose wrong too many times - it will die.
You heard me. It just straight up dies. It also doesn't care how you make it happy, just so long as you get that smiley face. It does eventually die due to lack of care, which is the only solace you will receive from this pet.

If the Bunny ROM was a pet to avoid, this one deserves a restraining order.

Honestly? Any money spent on one of these is a waste, but unlike the Bunny ROM, are no longer in production and are usually being sold second hand. This one is best acquired as part of a larger sale with other vpets.