Dino and Chick Pets

(and other birds)

Both of these pets often have the same base programming, so I have combined them into one page. There are exceptions, but you'll find that a lot of these are very similar the farther we go down the list!

A virtual pet with 5 buttons. Three are positioned under the screen with two more on either side as left and right arrows. The pet itself is shaped like a cartoon dinosaur face seen from the front, with a differently colored horn at the top where the keychain is placed. Above the screen are the words "Dinkie Dino" or "RakuRaku Dinokun" depending on the version, with a small cartoon dinosaur hatching from an egg separating the two words.

Dinkie Dino

a.k.a. RakuRaku Dinokun

The Dinkie Dino is a popular pet, with care options not seen in many different pets, such as education for discipline, and having temperature control. The shell is frequently bootlegged.

There is a Multi-in-1 Dinkie Dino as well, which will be covered more in that section.


A virtual pet that is shaped like a dinosaur looking to the left, detailed with eyes, a smile with a tooth sticking out, hands, feet, and a tail. It is painted with white stripes and has three buttons.
A virtual pet in an oval shape with three buttons. "Gyaoppi" is written on the top left corner of the shell, and there is a small dinosaur on the right side of the shell.

Gyaoppi, Gyaoppi II, and Guappi

a.k.a. ぎゃおPi or Super Gyaoppi and ぐあッPi

Usually a dinosaur or duck, but the same oval shell is used for a Multi-in-1 pet as well.

I currently do not have much information about this pet.

Micro Pet Baby Dino -or- Dino Baby

A pet with similar programming to the Gyaoppi, and including a weather feature where you need to equip your dino with the proper item depending on the weather. The pet, care-wise, is fairly resilient and can take a bit of neglect.

The growth and sprites may differ between the two, but they work similarly enough to be listed together.

Chic Duck, GAAA Hippie, Pi-Yo, and KooKoo

A chick version, using the Gyaoppi programming but using a separate growth chart.

Gyaoppi growth charts

Yuki Penguin

A Dinkie Dino - but a Penguin!


Gyaoppi-type pet with a fast forward function (?)

Avon Kids Dinosaur

Appears to be the actual Avon brand.

An oval shaped pet with three buttons, covered in fake cracks. On the top of the oval is the face of a cartoon dinosaur, with wide eyes and a nose reminiscent of Yoshi. His hands are hanging on, on either side of his nose.

Ganbare!! Ryuuta-kun! -or- DinoPet

ガンバレ!! りゅうたくん

A fairly basic dino pet, similar in programming to many others.

Sometimes uses the same shell, but on a wristband.


I also see this listed as "Petogotchi" despite that same name being used for multiple other types of pets.

My Baby Dinosaur -or- Hoyotan Tamago

Rather noisy pet with a unique gourd shape. Has a spot on the back for a watchband as well as a chain for use as a normal vpet.


A very common and fairly basic dinosaur pet. Simple gameplay with multiple adult outcomes.

T-Rex Dino

Also known as the MGA Dino, this pet is the basis for a few other dino pets as well.

Nakimushi Ryuuta-kun
なき虫 りゅう太くん

A not very well known pet, odd in that it uses LR1130 batteries.
Mine doesn't work very well, so it's hard to run.

KaruGamo Land
かるがも LAND Game

I think this one is a chick, but I haven't run mine yet.

Digi Beanies Penguin

Made by MGA, could be similar to the MGA Dino.

Cyber Pet 38 Brick Game

Tamakaci Duck

Tamakaci Dino

Virtual Dinosaur


PetVet Dinosaur
uses MGA programming

Pinky la Dinosaure




Space Chick