Dog and Cat Oddpets



An incredibly cute pet by Sega. The cheeks are your left/right buttons, the nose is the "enter" button, and the paws will cancel out menus and serve other game functions.

There seems to be multiple outcomes for your pet in the final adult stage.

The animations are cute and it uses real sounds rather than just beeps.

The big downside is that the foam that they're made of can wear down and easily be damaged, but this is lessened by getting a case or simply sliding the foam cover off.

Pocket Puppy

A very detailed pet. Involves keeping your pet healthy, training, going on walks, and making sure you catch it before it poops on the floor! Uses both beeps and real dog sounds.

Choose from 1 of 4 dogs: Dumb but healthy male, aggressive but smart male, dumb but healthy female, and sickly but smart female.

Fairly needy, as you need to keep an eye on when the dog needs to poop.

I remember this being a favorite of mine as a child due to how much there was to do.

Wagamamaholder Myar~

ワガママホルダー ミャ~

A simple pet. No menu,pressing the button will bring up what the pet needs.

Growth takes some time, but has cute animations.



Has both detailed sprites as well as a face to match the shell.

Not a lot of information, as this is a very rare pet.

V-Pet Dog

Tamenagerie has the only information I can find on this one.
"The use of real sounds on this one (it barks and says "Momma") was a nice attempt at being unique but it just talks SOOOOO much!

Mine talked throughout the night!

It's a fairly high maintenance pet and the buttons are kind of hard to push.

After about 24 hours, I could handle no more!

This one had so much potential with interesting graphics and unique game play but really missed the mark."

Wrist Wanko and Wrist Nyanko

リストわんこ & リストにゃんこ

Less of a true virtual pet, and more of a wrist buddy that you feed and pet, but close enough to warrant a spot here. Also seems to come in fish and hamster varieties.

Romi and Julle

Moreso a game than a real pet? Details unknown.

My Pet Game Mascot

Bo Bo Puppy

MGA Puppy

Probably similar to the MGA Dino


Love Puppy

The Puppy

Cyber Pet 38 Brick Game

Nano Pet Clones
These pets all use the Nano Pet chip, but in different (and probably cheaper) housing.
They are, essentially, bootlegs, but since they do provide what they advertise, are not going into the bootleg category.

Electronic Pocket Pets

My Galaxy Pet

Poochie Puppy

Cute Puppy & My Doggie


Dog and Cat (and Dino)

Name Unknown