Giga Pets 2006

The Giga Pet Explorer and the pets that came out that were compatible with it were a huge change in the Giga Pet line.

The main feature is a console that hooks up to your TV, allowing you to interact with your pet in an entirely different way, placing it in a sort of video game.

Each pet has the same gameplay, and the only differences are in the pet themselves, as well as the items you can purchase for your pet (food, medicine, and toys). The pets are far more involved than your standard Giga Pet, but instead of dying, they just run away. Due to the money system and the fact that each pet itself has an overworld to explore, it's a far more involved pet to take care of, and is more of a mix between a handheld game and a virtual pet.

These pets are fairly hard to find now, and there isn't much data on how many types were released. If you have or know of one not listed here, please contact me on Discord (Rythen#4908)!


The main console is the controller as well, and allows you to connect one pet on it. I am not sure if you can connect the pets together through the console, but the pets themselves can be connected.







(Included with console)

Dragon Lizard