Aquatic and Reptiles


Comes in Dolphin, Fish, and Jellyfish!

Keep your pet fed, check water parameters, keep things clean.

I've heard this one is pretty difficult to keep alive, and does not take well to neglect.

Palm Aquarium

Comes in Dolphin and Angelfish versions!

As far as I'm aware, this is an updated and colorized version of the Aquapalz.

I haven't heard for sure if it's the same maintenance as it's predecessor or if it's slightly less easy to kill.

DNA Fish

Seems to be similar to the Gyaoppi, but also is unique in it's own right.
Tamenagerie is the only place I have seen the fish-shaped shell.

Ocean Discovery

I currently know nothing about this pet, but the screen sticker makes it look similar to the Dinkie Dino.

Pocket Turtle

Unknown Dolphin Pet

VR Creatures Mermaid

Virtual Pet Frog


Cucciolo Virtuale