Giga Pets 2018

In 2018, Hasbro, who now owns Tiger Electronics, decided to re-introduce their Giga Pets. The new line is known as Giga Pets AR and features the ability to use a phone app to see your pet using AR technology.

They largely play like the old Giga Pets, the big difference being the introduction of the achievement system, allowing you to unlock different features in the app.

There are two versions of each, with the major difference likely being shell designs.

They all also feature "real sounds," despite one being a T-Rex and another being a Unicorn.

Instructions . Official Website

AR Puppy

AR Unicorn

AR T-Rex

The second set of new Giga Pets shake things up a bit!

Giga Pets Pixie

From Hasbro:
"Care for and guide your Pixie as the choices you make will affect its evolution path. (...)The game includes 8 different Pixies with unique animations and personalities including an evil Pixie which appears if you let your stats drop too low. (...) The game also features several classic GigaPet features such as feeding your pet, giving it a bath, taking it to the doctor, and putting it to sleep."


Giga Pets Trolls

This one is a bit more similar to the traditional Giga Pet, but with a funky hairdo and limbs!

And... real troll sounds, apparently!