Giga Pets were created in 1997 by Tiger Electronics, and are one of the most varied virtual pets, having everything from Dogs and Cats to a Chimp, a Scorpion, T-Rexes, and even Trolls.

All of the 1997 Release Giga Pets share the ability to teach your pet tricks, and show minor growth for each pet -- EXCEPT for early builds! Some of the different shells of different pet types have different programming - including some being basically Nano Pets clones!

More information on the programming differences between the different versions of the Giga Pets!

On this page: 1997-1998 Giga Pets

Digital Doggie

Other names: Micropup, Digipooch

This pet comes in many different shell colors, with a couple of shells actually having different programming!

The Digital Doggie also had crossovers with both KFC and Barbie!


Compu Kitty

Other names: Bitty Kitty

Very similar to the Doggie, only a cat!

Also had crossovers with KFC and Barbie.


Komputer Koala

Other shell variations unknown, normally in a pink shell very similar to the 'default' Compu Kitty shell.


Floppy Frog

I know for sure this pet has different designs, and at least two shell types.

Raise a tadpole into a frog! Features a couple of growth stages as your little tadpole grows up.



I'm only aware of one shell design for this one. Same as the others - but a monkey!


Bit Critter

Originally this was going to be the "Binary Bug" but was changed before release and became the "Bit Critter" instead!
Raise a.... critter? He's funky looking for sure!


Virtual Alien

From "It's guts are very Nano Pet. Not a Giga in any way. Purely Nano."

Unsure if there are other shells or versions!

Licensed Giga Pets

Various Giga Pets featuring characters from movies, cartoons, and more!

Some of these change very little except for the shell and a few icons, and some are entirely new pets!

101 Dalmations

Barbie Dog and Cat

KFC Dog and Cat


Very similar to the Compu Kitty, but with different endings depending on care!


Oreo Mouse

This one opens up like an Oreo and is absolutely adorable!



I cannot find any instructions online for this one. Very unique as there's not a lot of pig vpets out there!

Baby T-Rex

This is possibly the only licensed Giga with multiple shell shapes!



I don't know much about this one, and there are no instructions online.


No instructions here either - one of the very few bird vpets!

The Little Mermaid

A bit unusual for a Giga Pet, but somehow not the only Little Mermaid vpet!


Star Wars - Yoda, Rancor, and R2-D2

Play seems to be pretty similar on each of the, but they're honestly some pretty neat shells, too!
Yoda Instructions - Rancor Instructions - R2-D2 Instructions