These may have pets to raise, or they may advertise that they are, but have some kind of entirely different gameplay. All of these items use licensed characters without permission, making them unofficial merchandise.

32 in 1 Hello Kitty

This appears to use an early version of the Bunny Rom, similar to the Virtual PETs.
Uses the Hello Kitty Metcha Esute packaging.


The packaging for the Patamon is almost believable, but it seems to be a basic multipet using Digimon sprites.

Hamtaro Pet

It's not even a pet - it's a D-3 shaped like a hamster!
It seems to be based off the Japanese version of the D-3 Digivice.

Pokemon Electronic Pet

Just another early Bunny Rom, this time shaped like a Pikachu.

My Sweet Cat

Looks like the Metcha Esute, but... is a Dinosaur, according to Tamenagerie!